10 days without leisure screens

Televisions, video games, consoles, tablets and smartphones, thousands of children and adolescents will decide to disconnect from leisure screens and replace them with activities of discovery and meeting.

10 days to see the world differently

An event which aims to provide all the actors of a school (staff and teachers included) and families who so wish, a convivial, even festive moment, of reflection and perspective on the use that we all have connected screens and tools.


A major education issue

Prepare children and adolescents to use digital tools without allowing themselves to be enslaved. Schools, families, health and education professionals, and municipalities are mobilizing collectively for a major educational issue of the 21st century

The question of time spent in front of screens is at the heart of current educational challenges

Living together and citizenship

Reduction of physical and verbal violence. Real repercussions on the school climate and the strengthening of family ties.


Health and wellbeing

Physical and mental health, development, sleep, self-esteem, prevention of obesity and learning difficulties.

Environment and consumption

The challenge is an exercise in responsible consumption, and it helps reduce advertising demand.

Media and information education

Allow young people to better control technology, and better delimit the border between the screens that serve the screens that enslave.

A collective challenge

From May 25 to June 3, 2021, thousands of young people will take up the challenge on the same dates!


A growing challenge

As screen exposure continues to increase and household equipment has exploded, the 10 DAYS WITHOUT SCREENS CHALLENGE is growing every year. Nurseries, colleges, or schools, parents of students, health and education professionals, associations, media libraries, individuals, elected officials, artists, education stakeholders join forces for a major societal mobilization in popular education.

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(Français) Le vélo, saine habitude de vie !

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(Français) En route pour le défi collectif 2021 !

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(Français) Podcasts décalés pour enfants allumés

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(Français) Les Odyssées, France Inter | 7-12 ans

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