Confinement is an opportunity for parents to rethink the time they will spend with their children. The digital entertainment industry is already ready to take the opportunity to capture as much of this available attention as possible. The vast majority of parents want to avoid overdosing on screens for their children. It is also an opportunity to learn to make better use of free time to encourage creative activities and family conversation. Here is a series of simple and fun ideas to share.

  1. Make a sponge cake
    Prepare a cake or any homemade recipe with the ingredients you have at home.
  2. Shadow Theather
    Cut out silhouettes of cardboard and stick them on a stick. Take out the flashlight and … let the magic work!
  3. Record a theatrical video
    Brainstorm, choose characters, and record a fun scene, ad, or sketch.
  4. Play volleyball with a balloon
    If you have a balloon blow it up and have a volleyball game in the classroom.
  5. Rescue some board game
    Parcheesi, Monopoly, Scattergories … Dust off that board game you loved and have a laugh.
  6. Play gestures or movies
    A classic among the classics that always works.
  7. To paint the nails
    Those of the hands, those of the feet … It does not have to be the same color or in the conventional way, have fun!
  8. Interview a famous
    Imagine interviewing a famous person and asking them funny questions.
  9. Hide messages around the house
    Take some Post-it and hide surprise messages around the house; You will bring a smile to whoever finds them.
  10. Pillow fight
    Nothing like a pillow fight to release tension and laugh out loud.
  11. Redecorate your room
    Try moving the furniture around and giving the bedroom a new look.
  12. Invent a choreography
    Choose the song of the moment and invent a cane choreography.
  13. Draw portraits
    One poses and the others draw him. Which has been funnier? Which one is more like it?
  14. Record a radio show
    Imagine you have a radio show, what would you tell your listeners? What music would you play? Record it and have fun listening to it!
  15. Fold a movie
    Play any scene from any movie without sound and put a voice on it. If the dialogue is a little absurd the better.
  16. Prepare a nice table
    Today that you have time prepare a nice table. For breakfast, snack, dinner …
  17. Make up a song
    Free your sense of rhythm and compose a song with feeling.
  18. Do yoga
    Move the table and turn the room into a yoga class.
  19. Costume parade
    Anything goes! Open the closet and play with impossible combinations.
  20. Play “if it were …”
    If you were an animal, who would you be? Why? What if you were a planet, a food, an article of clothing?
  21. Write your family tree
    Get out paper and pencil and reproduce your family tree as far as you can go.
  22. Make a circuit with pens
    Take out all your pencils and markers and put them on the floor one after the other to set up a car circuit in the hallway at home.
  23. Assemble a cabin
    Collect fabrics and blankets and set up a good cabin to tell stories and eat a snack.
  24. To write a diary
    Write down what you have done every day. Now it seems little, but you will like to read it later.
  25. Paper Planes
    Build paper planes as streamlined as you can and make them fly.
  26. Invent a poem
    Take out the poet inside you and write a nice poetry. It doesn’t need to rhyme.
  27. Play Pictionary
    You only need paper and pencil. Try to let others discover what you draw but you can’t speak!
  28. Super heroes to power
    Each one chooses a super power and the game begins. Imagination to the power!
  29. Hairdressing session
    Not a normal hairdresser, just crazy hairstyles!
  30. Fairy tale characters
    Read a story each making the voice of a character.
  31. Make a collage
    Take out the old magazines and assemble a funny character or an impossible landscape.
  32. Write a comic
    Cut a sheet into squares and draw a comic strip.
  33. Plant a lentil
    Take a lentil or a chickpea and plant it with wet cotton.
  34. Write a letter
    Choose a special person and write him a letter. You will love to receive it.
  35. Make origami
    A paper boat, a bow tie … Look for ideas and see what comes out!
  36. Make cutouts
    Draw a character, cut it out and make clothes, accessories … Fashion in your hands.
  37. Have a picnic in the living room
    Prepare a good snack, take out a tablecloth and have a picnic in the living room.
  38. Sock puppets
    Find an old sock, sew on buttons for eyes and create your own puppets.
  39. Unknown at dinner
    Play dinner with your family as if none of you knew each other. What would you talk about, how would you treat yourself? Have fun playing characters!
  40. Tickle war
    Team, all against all … Tickle war!
  41. Karaoke
    Choose your microphone and give it your all.
  42. Cinema
    Prepare the tickets, the popcorn… you can even set up a cinema forum!
  43. English hideout
    One, two, three … Let no one move!
  44. What I like about you
    Count out loud or write what you like best about your family members.
  45. Tongue twister
    What is the most difficult tongue twister you know? Can you say it faster without being wrong?
  46. Imitate postures
    Each turn is the model and you have to imitate everything you do. The stranger the postures, the more laughter!
  47. Spider web
    Turn the hallway into a spider web; with tape, with wool … you have to go through it but without touching it!
  48. Night camping
    A different night? Everyone to sleep in the living room, like a summer camping trip.
  49. Bookmark
    With paper, cardboard, stickers … a display of supports to create your best bookmark!
  50. Character exchange
    Each one chooses another and plays to behave as if it were him. Impossible not to laugh!
  51. Shared story
    You begin and the narrator’s turn passes, how does the story end?
  52. Foot designs
    Can you write your name with your foot or draw a house? Maybe it will surprise you … or maybe it will make you laugh! Let’s see what comes out!
  53. Tell jokes
    You’ve probably said it a thousand times, but who doesn’t like jokes?
  54. Massage
    Roll up your sleeves and display all your skills to give the best massage in the world. Then you must receive it!
  55. Impossible Faces
    You have to make the biggest faces you can and the others can’t laugh. You can do it?
  56. Build a catapult
    Take a spoon and mount your own catapult with paper balls. Who goes further?
  57. Guess the song
    Words are worthless, hum or choose a single syllable. What is this song?
  58. Funny pictures
    Take out the phone and take funny pictures; jump, wince. How cool to see them later!
  59. Tightrope walker
    With a ribbon or wool, walk on it like a tightrope walker. It’s not as simple as it sounds!
  60. Domino effect
    Take out some pieces (or books) which are used to align them and see how quickly they fall! The more the better.
  61. Treasure map
    Hide an object and place it on a drawn plan of your house. Are you able to find it?
  62. Collective drawing
    Do any scribbling on paper and the next one should use it to draw something meaningful.
  63. Paper eats
    The 80s are back! Climb into a paper bag and find out what’s hidden under the lapels.
  64. Songs from your childhood
    Do you want to experience a flashback? Remember songs from your childhood with your children.
  65. Basket !
    A basket, a bucket … Baskets are everywhere! Are you the new Tony Parker?
  66. Cold and hot
    Hide an object and find it moving in space knowing that the cold is far and the hot is near. The more it is hidden, the better!
  67. Broken phone
    Think of a strange phrase. Now pass it to anyone on your right but do it very quickly. What happens to the last one?
  68. Treasure hunt
    One clue leads to the other … Can you find the treasure?
  69. Nonsense
    We say something, the next responds to something that has nothing to do with it, and so on. Let’s see who can take the most
  70. Time without laughing!
    Guess the characters
    You think of a character and the others try to guess who it is, but you only have to answer yes or no.

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